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Financial Fitness: Our Vision For Financial Planning

Do you think your “golden years” should be now and the future? We agree and can help make that a reality. We use a financial fitness approach, where we help you design, create, optimize, and maintain your ideal lifesytle.

Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.

-Pablo Picasso

Traditionally, investment management and financial planning have been reserved for those who have already saved a significant amount of wealth. We break that mold using services designed to also help those who may not have many investable assets yet. They still want and need help to balance saving for the future with their desire to fully enjoy their life now, not just thirty years from now.

Through our Financial Fitness program, we provide investment management and financial planning for today’s busy, driven, and passionate professionals. They often live a busy lifestyle, with little time to appropriately manage the full spectrum of their personal finances. That’s where the ongoing Financial Fitness program comes in.

What To Expect

Financial Fitness combines financial planning with ongoing accountability, much like a physical trainer combines basic fitness principles with a higher level of accountability. But, neither financial or physical fitness is a one-time deliverable. It is an ongoing process of developing and modifying your life goals and determining whether and how you can meet those goals.

Financial fitness works to make sure your plan is designed to evolve alongside your ever-changing life. This is ideal for busy, driven professionals who want to maximize their ideal lifestyle over their entire lives, not just in retirement, and want help doing so.

We help you by providing:


Building structure into your financial life by getting your financial house in order


Helping you follow through on commitments that help you achieve your goals


Bringing insights and expertise to help you avoid emotionally driven, financial decisions


Working with you to anticipate life transitions and be financially prepared for them


Explaining what you need to know to help you succeed


Assisting you collaboratively by working with you, not just for you

This Ongoing Program Includes:

  • Initial consultation and creation of a financial plan (over the course of 2-3 meetings with your financial advisor)
  • Implementation of initial plan and ongoing adjustments
  • Ongoing investment management
  • Periodic meetings each year with your advisor to proactively review, adjust, and update your plan as your life and lifestyle goals change
  • Ongoing access to your advisor between meetings for any questions or needs that arise
  • Online portal and app to access your entire financial picture and financial plan in one place

Financial Fitness focuses on numerous areas of your life. With personal finances, there are many questions, and obstacles. Here are some of the primary components we cover and address together to help you live financially fit:

Lifestyle Design

  • Lifestyle goals and priorities
  • Managing your human capital
  • Conscious spending and emergency fund
  • Debt and credit management for purchases
  • Lifestyle modeling and projections

Investment Management

  • Coaching and disciplined philosophy
  • Crafting risk profile and investment guidelines
  • Allocating and diversifying assets
  • Rebalancing and ongoing management
  • Limiting costs and taxes

Insurance Analysis

  • Maximizing employee benefits & healthcare
  • Protecting property and liability
  • Insuring against death
  • Insuring against disability
  • Evaluating long-term care needs

Estate & Legacy Planning

  • Education planning
  • Charitable planning
  • Estate documents
  • Asset titling and digital assets
  • Beneficiary designations

Tax Planning

  • Tax return review
  • Tax withholding planning
  • Minimizing current and future income tax
  • Deductions and credits
  • Gift and estate tax

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Our Fees

Financial Fitness starts with an initial comprehensive plan, which is billed at $2,400, with a 50% discount if you elect an ongoing engagement. Ongoing fees are a combination of a $200 monthly retainer and a reduced fee of 0.75% on managed assets. We also provide hourly services billed at $250 per hour. Our fees and services are flexible and tailored to individual needs.