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Help Your Employees and Your Business Thrive

Your employees are working hard every day to succeed now and to save for the future. As an employer, you know that providing great benefits goes a long way towards employee happiness – and employee happiness makes a huge impact on your company’s performance. Today, retirement planning is one of the most sought-after benefits from employment.

Since your employees are not all the same, a 401(k) plan should not be a one-size-fits-all retirement solution. That’s why Patriot offers a choice of portfolios to meet the unique needs of all 401(k) plan participants.


What Makes Our 401(k) Plans Different

At Patriot, we’re dedicated to helping our customers gain the financial freedom to chase their version of success. That’s why we’ve created a customized 401(k) business plan model.

Your employees bring their best work for your company, and now you can provide them the best benefits with Patriot.

Better Performance/Lower Cost

We utilize low-cost, broadly diversified index funds, thereby allowing participants to keep more of their investments working in their portfolio.

Increased Simplicity

Many participants don’t know how to select or allocate their investments. That’s where our Advisors come in. Our low cost, globally diversified, indexed portfolios are based on your employees’ time horizon, age, and risk tolerance.

Participant Education

We provide participant education through employee meetings and email updates. Our intent is for participants to have a better understanding of their investments, leading to increased participation and less anxiety.

Full Fee Disclosure

All fees associated with the plan are completely transparent, and our intent is to keep your fees among the lowest in the industry.

Fiduciary Duty

Patriot works with the plan trustees to design the plan, select investment choices, and assist with participant education.

Open Architecture

Open architecture allows for more customization of your retirement plan. We can work with a variety of platforms and third party administrators.

Get Control Of Your Company's 401(k) Plan

Are you ready to schedule your 401(k) consultation? Reach out to one of our 401(k) experts now.