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Our Method

Everything we do begins with a conversation. By getting to know you and your vision for financial success, we work together to create an investment and financial plan – tailor-made for you.

Once we have created your plan, we will present it without complicated jargon – so you understand exactly what’s happening with your money. We then move forward by helping you implement any recommendations, as needed, and guide you along the entire process.

Most importantly, we understand that things change – and financial plans are no exception. We will discuss any adjustments that might be needed to keep your money working towards your financial goals.


How We Make It Happen

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Our Advisors

Patriot’s fee-only financial advisors do not earn any commissions nor sell you any products, allowing them to be objective in their recommendations. At Patriot, you can trust that your best interests are our best interests – we strive to offer unbiased advice, tailored for you.

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Personalized Investment Strategy

While your strategy will be tailored for your goals, there are some principals that Patriot stands behind for every portfolio.

First, a broadly diversified investment portfolio is key – it reduces risk by not relying on a single industry or company. It is a powerful tool for successfully managing risk and reward. The art and science of our work is in constructing portfolios with the optimal balance of risk and return.

Next, we believe in using low-cost, tax-efficient index funds. By reducing costs, you capture more market returns – and that can mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars that stay in your portfolio and keep working for you.

Index funds eliminate the risks of individual stocks, market sectors and manager selection, leaving only stock market risk.” – John C. Bogle, Founder of The Vanguard Group

“Among the various propositions offered to you, if you invested in a very low-cost index fund…you’ll do better than 90% of people who start investing at the same time.” – Warren Buffett, Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway

Finally, investing with a disciplined, long-term approach is the key. Over your investment timeline you could experience many ups and downs. Our advisors help prevent the pitfalls of emotional investing – like buying high, selling low, and jumping in and out of the market – by advising you on the strategies that help you meet your financial goals. By working with our advisors, you will have a disciplined investment strategy to meet your needs.


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Planning for Success

Financial Planning is more than just investing – it is about making a game plan and organizing your financial life. We help you see the big picture by identifying your priorities and goals, developing and implementing a strategy, and making sure you stay on track.

We provide comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services, including:

  • Investment Management
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Tax Planning
  • Education & Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning

Ready to Tackle Your Financial Goals?

If financial freedom, peace of mind, and a tailor-made plan for your own brand of success sound great, we’re ready to help you get there.